AstartesMau are small scale pedigree cat breeders in South Wales where every cat is, first and foremost, a beloved house pet.  Over the coming years (and hopefully decades), we hope to help expand the genetic diversity of the Bronze Egyptian Maus to maintain the future health of the breed, while carefully selecting for traits and temperament to preserve their exquisite beauty and adorable personalities.
Our stud Bronze Egyptian Mau, Leo de Denderah, has come all the way from Mulhouse in France, close to Zurich.  You can find out more about Leo on his dedicated page within this website.
Our girls, Serenity and Nebula, are both from the same breeder, but from two distinctly separate lineages.  They will each be having kittens just once a year.
Special thanks to former Bronze Egyptian Mau breeders 'GenieMau' for helping me get started, and use of their photos while I had none, and the continued use of Ghaniyah (mother of Serenity) as our website header.

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Pedigree Bronze Egyptian Mau

GenieMau Serenity Astartes