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Abisha Egyptian Maus

Abisha is a small cattery based in North Wiltshire. Our girls live in comfort as part of the family with plenty of space both indoors and outside. They  have the benefit of a large enclosure where they can play and run freely and, at the same time, be in perfect safety. They are well socialised and (mainly!) live together with their neutered chums quite harmoniously.

For further information, please take a look at our website and then contact Janet Williams at

AstartesMau Celestine

Known at home as Tina, she is a lovely young bronze with exceptional spotting. 

STOP PRESS June 2021: Tina has given birth to two lovely kittens! See the kitten page.

Abisha Princess Fiona

Fiona is Abisha's first bred kitten. She is a very lovely youngster with warm bronze colouring. She is a great companion to Tina.

There are currently no plans to breed from the Princess.

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