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Shabees Papyrus Maukarramma


Ramah MauTanMan

maunarch pharoh.jpg

Maunarch Pharoh

chantina jacob.jpg

Chantina Jacob

The bronze mau has been developed in the u.k. since the late 1990's and in the early days there were a number of breeders whose cats have since become the foundation cats for future generations.  

These catteries are 'Ramah', 'Natango's',  'Sharbees', 'Chantina', and 'Maunarch'.

If you look at a pedigree certificate for a modern bronze, then it is very likely that some or all of these names will appear in early generations. 

Maunarch Pharoh (who is pictured above) sired kittens who would later promote the development of two modern catteries, La Grand Pyramide ( owned by Marylene Roulier in Paris ) and Geniemau (originally owned by  Peter & Jean Lamb in Durham, now run by Lesley & John Turner). These kittens (now fully grown adults!) were Hotep de la Grand Pyramide and Geniemau Lady Charlotte.


Jean & Peter Lamb were pioneers of the Bronze in the U.K. They imported two boys from the Ramah cattery in the USA ( Maunarch Pharoh of Ramah & Ramah Geniemau Leolisimba) and the most beautiful bronze girl of all time, Natango's Ghaniyah of Geniemau from Germany, as their foundation cats.


Ghaniyah is the most highly titled Bronze mau in the U.K. and as well as siring some wonderful kittens, she was the first Mau to become a Bronze Olympian.

In 2012 she won Best Foreign Adult at the Supreme show. That's no mean achievement. One of her kittens was GrCh Geniemau Scherezade who in turn gave birth to Geniemau Lady Charlotte, the mother of a number of young Bronze maus who in turn are now homed with breeders across the world.




Fellpurrs cattery was based in the U.K. and run by Anne and Raymond Gardner. Gr Ch Fellpurrs Ramasees was bred from one of their queens, Atiya, and he has since fathered, and continues to father, many Bronze Mau kittens. Rami currently resides with Patrick, in Essex. 


 Atiya Esaya Van de Vlasakker


Gr Ch Fellpurrs Ramasees



Astartesmau cattery began its life with the import of a stunning stud boy, Leo De Denderah from the Denderah cattery on the France/Swiss border. David Garwood, the founder of the cattery subsequently obtained three queens from the Geniemau cattery, Geniemau Serenity, Geniemau Nebula and Geniemau Lady Charlotte to keep Leo company.

We have seen some stunning kittens from this cattery over the last few years, many of whom have since travelled to Europe and the USA as future breeding studs and queens.

Leo has a sweet and gentle nature and with a perfect show temperament.  He has excelled himself on the show bench and is now an Imperial Grand Champion.


IGrCh Leo de Denderah


Amiel Goshen cattery is run by Patrick and the cattery moved back to the U.K. from France  in 2017. Patrick has bred many litters of bronzes over the years.

Two of his foundation queens were Amiel Goshen Ilana and Amiel Goshen Yosefa, both daughters of Chantina Jacob (pictured at the top of this page), who was bred by Jim & Monica McLaren in the U.K. 

One of Patrick's boy kittens, Amiel Goshen Na'or, now resides at Sophie Marchand's Sechem cattery in Normandy and he has fathered many litters, including Sechem Oriyah.  Oriyah, in turn, is now living with Patrick as his young breeding queen. 

The Bronze Mau fraternity in the U.K. and France work closely together, all in the interest of keeping our chosen breed and colour thriving whilst maintaining genetic diversity. 






Na'Or at High Noon

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