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Chatterie de Tizzy


Tizzy is a small cattery run by Christine Elsworth and her partner Keith in South Yorkshire.

It is a new cattery with a beautiful queen, Grand Champion Missy Mau, bred by Lesley & John Turner and a very handsome import boy Sechem Phoenix, bred by Sophie Marchand in France.

Christine and Keith have owned Maus since 2005 and in 2019 took the plunge into breeding and set up their own cattery.

They met Sophie Marchand, a renowned breeder of Bronze Maus in France, at a cat show near Paris in 2019, and subsequently  visited Sophie's cattery in Normandy. They met Sechem Phoenix, fell in love with him, and brought him back home to Yorkshire as a young stud. Phoenix brings a valuable new blood line into the UK.

Christine has successfully bred her first litter of kittens, with a litter of 4  beautiful kittens born on 30th September 2020. 

Christine's cats are bred for health, type and temperament and they are very much a part of the family. 

For further information, please contact Christine at


Sechem Phoenix

Known at home as Fizzy, this is an exceptional young man with the most warmly coloured coat and clear dark brown spots.


Gr Ch GenieMau Missy Mau

Missy is a lovely young bronze mau who has already made a presence on the show scene gaining the title of Grand Champion at a very young age.

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