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Amiel-Goshen Cattery


Patrick LeCoustumer started his Amiel-Goshen Cattery in 2011 and the cattery was initially based in Monaco.

Patrick bred several very successful litters before eventually relocating himself and his cats to Essex in 2017.

Patrick owns GrCh Fellpurrs Ramasees, a lovely warm bronze U.K. bred stud boy who, with his young French wife, Sechem Oriyah, has sired Patrick's first U.K. litter, producing four stunning kittens in early 2020.

Rami Boy has been active as a stud boy in the last few years and one of his offspring, Geniemau Miezi, is now at Amset cattery to continue the development of the bronze Mau in France. 


Patrick is an extremely experienced breeder, who believes that kittens should be raised in the family home alongside his adult cats. They have a large playing room, large runs and access to the main house at their disposal. His cattery breeds for health, development and well being, with matings carefully chosen to ensure genetic diversity. 

Amiel-Goshen is registered with GCCF , and also CFA, LOOF and FIFE. 

Tel: 07898 813 703



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Oriyah with her first litter

       Gr Ch Fellpurrs Ramasees

Sechem Oriyah


Patrick was instrumental in introducing the Bronze mau to France. His first

female, Maunarch Florina, was imported from California and she produced some wonderful kittens with Chantina Jacob, a U.K. bred Bronze boy. Two of her kittens, Amiel-Goshen Yosefa and Amiel-Goshen Ilana were the foundation cats of the Bronze in France. Patrick later introduced Maus’art Atarah, a Canadian stud boy to his cattery. Two of Atarah's kittens,  Amiel-Goshen Na’Or & Amiel-Goshen Netanya have since further promoted the Bronze with Sechem Oriyah (who is Patrick's current breeding queen ) and Sechem Phoenix (now owned by Christine Elsworth), who were both bred by Sophie Marchand in France.

Here are some of the cats that Patrick has owned and bred over the years: 

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