We exclusively breed Bronze Egyptian Maus.  Maus come in four flavours.  In order of frequency in the general population these are: silver, smoke, bronze, black (although I will concede that distinguishing a black Mau from a black cat takes some expertise!).  The reason for their varied frequency ultimately comes down to the genetics, which I will explain at some point on a page specifically for that purpose.

Bronze Maus are often mistaken for Bengals due to the unique markings of each breed, however the difference is obvious once you spot it (badum!)... much like leopards and cheetahs.

  • Bengals can have a 'marbled' look, however they generally have rosettes.

  • Maus on the other hand, have spots.

Bengal breeders are dead easy to find all across the UK if that's what you are after.  Mau breeders are comparatively few, and in the UK (as far as I know at the time of writing this) are all silver/smoke breeders.  Which makes UK Bronze Egyptian Maus extremely rare.  If you are interested in owning an elegant, intelligent, energetic, and distinctively unique feline, please take a look at our 'Kittens' page.

Below you will find a list of our breeding Bronze Egyptian Maus.  As time goes on and the team collects awards, we will update the page with their achievements.

'Leo' de Denderah

Born: 22 June 2015

Grand Champion

Leo de Denderah

The stud of the family, Leo is of French origin.

His sire (father) is Askim of Sopte-en-Re, and his dam (mother) is Amiel Goshen Ilana.

Egyptian Mau Society show 2017: Best Bronze

Geniemau 'Serenity'

Born: 6 March 2016

Serenity was born GenieMau Serenity AstartesMau, and is the first of our queens.

Her sire is C.F.A. Grand Champion Maunarch Pharoh of Geniemau, and her dam is Silver Olympian and Imperial Grand Champion Natango's Ghaniyah of Geniemau.

Somerset Cat Show 2016: Best of Variety Kitten Award

Geniemau 'Nebula'

Born: 11 May 2017


Nebula was born GenieMau Nebula AstartesMau .

Her sire (father) is Grand Champion Ramah Geniemau Liolisimba, and her dam (mother) is Geniemau Lady Charlotte.


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If you are a bronze egyptian mau queen of impeccable breeding, show quality, and temperament (and you fancy Leo!), please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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