Marvin was born Aneski Mercury Falcon, and was my first cat.  I bought him when I bought my first property, and he was with me through some tough times.

I always thought I would be a dog owner, but when I had the option I thought it through and realised I couldn't afford the time commitment.  So I decided to get a pedigree cat instead.  I had a look at a variety of breeds, and I found the maus really striking.

Marvin was an outdoor cat in a quiet cul-de-sac.  He slept under my arm every night, was great with humans, a complete horror to other animals (seagulls, cats, and dogs!), and bonded to me so closely I likened him to 'my demon' (referencing The Golden Compass).

Unfortunately he passed away at the age of 6.  His urethra became blocked, and he suffered severe bleeding from his bladder.  It could happen to any cat, but particularly affects males.  The same actually happened to a friend's cat a year earlier.

He was an absolute superstar, and I will always miss him.  

The Marvelous Marvin
Monochrome Magnificence
I miss him under my arm each night
If looks could kill!
Adolescent Marvin
My little ray of sunshine
Baby Marvin
Baby Marvin
Baby Marvin
Almond eyes
The Hieroglyph
Eyeing up dinner

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