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The Bronze Mau in the U.K.

In recent years the Bronze Mau has largely been bred by two breeders, Jean Lamb of GenieMau and David Garwood of AstartesMau, without whom the Mau breed would be in a much poorer place.

Jean has now retired from breeding and Lesley Turner has taken over the GenieMau mantle.  We are also very pleased that Patrick Le Coustumer has returned to the UK with his cats (Amiel Goshen cattery) and also to welcome Christine Elsworth and her beautiful cats (MissyMau cattery).

Janet Williams also joined the Bronze Mau fraternity in 2019 with her first litter of bronze kittens (Abisha cattery).

We were saddened last year (2019) when David decided to stop breeding but we thank him for all the lovely kittens he has produced over the last 5 years and also for the use of this website.

Is a Mau the right breed for me?

The Egyptian Mau is an intelligent, playful and sociable cat that demands both company and its own space. It will reward the owner of a loving home with its gentle and playful personality and lots of purrs!

The Bronze Mau breeders in the U.K. love the bronze Mau for its beautiful warmly coloured golden coat and dark brown spotting.  It is an exceptional cat.

Mau characteristics

The GCCF standard of points describes the Egyptian Mau as:

“ an elegant cat of moderate, foreign type characterised by a random spotted pattern seen both in tabby and smoke colours, and a unique ‘worried’ look. This facial expression is generated by large, gooseberry-green eyes set beneath a level brow and on either side of the parallel lines of the nose. The Mau is an active, well balanced, medium-sized cat with a strength and hard muscular feel that belies its graceful build. Males tend to be larger than females”.  

Wikipedia describes the Egyptian Mau as “the fastest of the domestic cats, with its longer hind legs, and unique flap of skin extending from the flank to the back knee, which assists in running by allowing the legs to stretch back farther, providing for greater agility and length of stride. Maus have been clocked running more than 48 km/h (30 mph)”. Now, that’s fast!

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