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Abisha cattery is proud to announce the birth of two gorgeous kittens born 3rd June 2021. See Abisha's breeders page for more information.


These delightful photos are of Chatterie de Tizzy's first litter, born on 30th September 2020. At the time of writing (late October 2020) all kittens are reserved. For more information on Chatterie de Tizzy please see their breeders page. 

Lesley's kittens young.jpg
Lesley's kittens.jpg

These are Lesley and John Turner's Geniemau kittens, born November 2020. There are 6 beautiful kittens in the litter, all currently reserved ( as of February 2021). For more information on Geniemau please see their breeders page.

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