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Why pay for a pedigree kitten?

'Every pound you spend is a vote for the kind of world you want to live in'.  Don't ask me who I got that from, I can't tell you.  It could well be my wife!

What are your options?  Rescue Centre Cat; Pedigree Puss; Local Moggy.


Rescue Centre: I can never knock going to a rescue centre and adopting a cat.  It's commendable.  I will however be the realist.  If you are going to a Rescue Centre, you have to be going for the right reasons; because you want to rescue a cat.  You can't rely on your cat's temperament meeting your preference (you don't know what they've been through for a start!), but as long as that's not your priority, no problem.

Local Moggy from the person who let their cat get pregnant:

Unfortunately, these tend to be the cause of Rescue Centre cats, and IMHO to take ownership of one of their kittens is to endorse their continuation.  Of course, I won't tarnish all with the same brush, and some will be really thinking out whether or not they want a litter, can cater for a litter, and send all the kittens to good homes.  But the majority won't be working to demand.  Additionally, there is rarely a returns policy if things don't work out.  GCCF breeders typically will take back any kitten rather than see it disowned.  As for the temperament of the cat... well, they are all sorts.  I've seen some lovely natured ones from Rescue Centres and local moggys alike, however I can honestly say that in my experience, the cats who 'give you a swipe' when you look at them in the wrong way, at the wrong time of the wrong day, have never been a pedigree mau.  Ultimately, you get what you pay for.


Pedigree cats:

Well, let's state the obvious here.  Inbreeding.  If your breeding population is not sufficiently diverse, you will end up with genetic diseases.  However, we are prepared to travel as much as necessary in order to acquire the diversity we need to protect the future of the breed.  With Leo, this meant travelling almost as far as Zurich, and he was my first!  That's quite a commitment.

I will be asking all future AstartesMau owners to keep me informed on an annual basis of their Maus health, and from this I hope to maintain a publicly visible database to demonstrate the health and longevity of my breeding line.  This is also quite a commitment because there is always the risk that it will occasionally go against me.  My plan for this will be to be to demonstrate that I stop breeding from any of my cats whose kittens start presenting maladies significantly outside the norm of the moggy population.

Thankfully Maus are currently a healthy pedigree line, so we've got a good starting point.

Temperament.  What you can be sure to get in an AstartesMau kitten is one that is from a parent who excels with human interaction, and has been born in a warm, safe house, with plenty of toys, lots of human interaction from a young age, and 'trained' as best I can.  (We'll see how I get on with this with kittens, but with Marvin he politely sat on a chair at the table while we ate dinner, and came indoors to the ring of a bell!).  This early interaction sets the standard for the remainder of their lives.  I've had Maus ranging from Serenity who is hyper, playful, craves attention, and while never deliberately hurts anyone with a swipe, occasionally doesn't realise she's being a tad rough with her pointy bits (never drawn blood though), to Loki who didn't seem to know he had claws and couldn't dump enough love on everyone in the hours each day provided!


The cost of paying for a pedigree cat can be considered to cover;

  • our travelling costs to

    • acquire suitable breeding stock

    • arrange 'diversity matings'

  • presentation at cat shows to demonstrate that we meet the breed standards

  • paying for access to a breeders database to enhance our selection process

  • cat pen construction and maintenance

  • vet fees

  • time commitment​​

    • raising kittens (this dictates holiday plans too!) which takes a HUGE amount of work.  It's almost a full-time job 4-months of the year.

    • travelling for matings, acquisition and presentation

    • keeping our cats happy (they require A LOT of love and attention)

Our kittens are reserved before they are born.  We do have a significant waiting list, however this only helps to ensure our kittens go to committed homes.


If you are interested in being added to our waiting list, please get in touch via the 'Contact Us' page and you will be sent a Kitten Reservation Form.

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